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Circa – 1819, the famed adventurer and explorer, Sir John Sullivan, the then Collector of Coimbatore, motivated by mythical tales of magical waters embarked on an exploration of The Nilgiris (Blue Mountains) and eventually discovered the potent waters of Kotagiri in the high steppes. Thereafter, history is a testimony to the fact that the British Empire ventured to make The Blue Mountains its summer capital enthralled by its healing environs and soul reviving climate.

Sir John Sullivan

Sir John Sullivan
(15 June 1788 – 16 January 1855)

Sir Sullivan was so enthralled of this Elixir of Life that he wrote to Sir Thomas Munro the then Governor of Madras Presidency – “ My Dear Colonel, I have been in the Highlands for the last week…The hills beautifully wooded possess strong springs with the clearest, purest running water…” That same foresightedness seems to have rubbed off on Justice KS Krishnaswamy Iyengar, the renowned Barrister and Judge, who in 1918, at the behest of his good friend Esq. Nugent Grant decided to buy the tract of land that housed these natural springs at an altitude of 6400 feet above mean sea level. A glimpse of Justice Iyengar’s diaries reveal that the local Kota Tribesmen swore by the springs mysterious therapeutic powers.

Over the past eight decades, the property and the captive springs have changed control within five generations of the same family as life in the Kotagiri hills progressed at a slow and steady pace in sync with its idyllic surroundings.
In 1995, the grandson of Justice Iyengar, Mr.Ramarathinam, an engineer by profession, who was inquisitive by nature, decided to commission a professional geological survey of the springs. The test results reiterated everyone’s profound belief that these springs were the source of a unique form of water – one that Mother Nature had processed since time immemorial through an incredible, labyrinth, natural, high-altitude cold filtration process. Passing underground through multiple layers of coarse and fine sand, silt and clay loam, lateritic sandy clay compact, friable lateritic sandstone and highly weathered granitic gneiss at a rate of 7 cm per hour, the study further established that it took 10 -12 years for the crystal clear, pure waters of Blu Mont springs to emerge at its current Location. The product of this natural wonder that would put to shame any filtration process engineered by man, also exhibited extraordinary characteristics when it came to the underlying purity of the water.  
The next - gen spearheaded by Mr.Arvind Rathnam, an alumnus of the University of Texas, heralded a new dimension to this course of history when he relentlessly pursued his passion and put this water on the global arena. The water was bottled by his entity – Blue Mountain Springs Private Limited for brands like Just Born Springs, Veen of Finland and Areonar. He was also instrumental in getting the source water approved as per US FDA norms through the consortium of International laboratories under the aegis of National Testing Laboratories limited, Cleveland, Ohio. The entire samples and tests were subjected to a stringent chain of command process.
Serendipity or the Law of Karma, ultimately enabled forging a strategic alliance with IncredibleWaters Private Limited and the time was most opportune to launch this time-tested Elixir of Life under its own intrinsic brand name of Logo

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Our Abode

The quality of a Natural Spring water will depend on the site of its source and the nature of the aquifer, the porous rock through which the water trickles. Just like wine, natural spring waters have their own ‘terroir’, a French word that means that each place on earth has its own signature taste. IncredibleWaters has its Spring at an altitude of 6400 feet (1951 meters ) above mean sea level in the pristine and tranquil surroundings of Kotagiri, a virgin landscape in the Blue Mountain Ranges ( The Nilgiris ) in Udhagamandalam, more popularly called as Ootacamand (Ooty) – 300 Kms from Bangalore. The word Nilgiris means Blue Mountain in Sanskrit; possibly derived from the Strobilanthes Kunthiana or Neelakurinji flowers growing here that bloom every 12 years, spreading a blue hue across the hills. These hills are situated in the western part of Tamil Nadu and are a part of the Western Ghats range running along the coast of peninsula India from Maharashtra to Kerala. There are 24 peaks above 2,000 m (6,600 ft) making up the south-western edge of the Deccan plateau. The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, which includes the Kotagiri Hills, forms a part of the protected bio reserves in India and is a part of UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves. The UNESCO World Heritage Committee has started evaluating the Western Ghats, and Nilgiri Sub- Cluster for selection as a World Heritage Site.

Kotagiri is located at 11.43°N 76.88°E. It has an average elevation of 1793 metres (5882 ft). The region is famous for its evergreen vegetation. Tea, eucalyptus and wintergreen grow well in this area. The soil is also ideal for the cultivation of temperate fruits and vegetable with a lot of local farmers turning to brussels sprout, cabbages, carrots and mushroom cultivation among other crops. Kotagiri, or “Mountain of the Kotas”, is home to the Kota tribe. Although Kotagiri was the first town to be discovered in the Nilgiris, it has remained a quintessential tea garden town overshadowed by its more socially prominent sisters, Ooty, Coonoor and Wellington. The Kotas after who Kotagiri is named are an indigenous artisan tribe belonging to the Nilgiris. Their primary occupations are agriculture, pottery, carpentry, metals and other crafts. They have their own unique language derived from the Dravidian language family. They rarely mingle with outsiders and their numbers are unfortunately dwindling. Another indigenous tribe in the Nilgiris are the Todas. They are a small community and are primarily engaged in agriculture and dairy with buffalo. The tribe has been included in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve focused on retaining the biodiversity of the region. There is a Toda village at Ellada in the Kotagiri panchayat area. The badagas or badugas are the largest indigenous community in Kotagiri who traditionally practice agriculture and speak their own language Baduga.

An integral part of an increasingly fragile Nilgiri Ecosystem, Longwood Shola is a primeval pocket of woods that is the last of its kind in the region. A jungle landscape, teeming with a vibrant and diverse flora and fauna, Longwood Shola, or Dodda Solai as it was earlier called, is home to several Important endemic species like the Nilgiri Laughing Thrush, the Malabar Giant Squirrel and herds of Bison


“ Blu Mont through its low mineral content and especially by its low nitrate is ideally suited for the daily intake of adults and babies (with special emphasis on new born babies) the water is ideal for longevity and the general well being. Blu Mont is comparable to the best natural mineral waters of France if not superior “

Mr. Jean Claude Grenier
Director – AquaLab (Unit of USTA)
Rtd. Chief of Laboratory (Lemdoerder Group)
Rtd. Technical Expert (French Tribunals)
Blumont Testimonials_Jean Claude Grenier
“ Blu Mont is a Natural Mountain Spring Water from the high ranges of Nilgiris which makes it superior in comparison with other branded packaged drinking water. The water analysis report indicates the water to be suitable for use in hospital facilities, by athletes and professional sportsmen and a healthy and safe choice for everyday consumption “

Ms. Jyotsna Radja, MS(Nutrition Science)
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA
Nutrition Consultant Apollo Hospitals
Nutrition Consultant MRF Pace Foundation
Blumont Testimonials_Jyotsna Radja




  • Available in 250 ml, 500 ml & 1 Liter Still in PET

    Blumont 250 ml, 500 ml & 1 Liter Still in PET

  • Soon to be launched

    Blumont Products
  • Soon to be launched

    Blumont Products

Only Certified Mountain Spring Water

  • The Safest water* on the planet for New-Moms and infants!
    *In a comparative analysis of value as Recommended by the Swiss Association of pediatrics.

  • Blu Mont is the world’s premier and India’s only certified mountain spring water conforming to International water quality standards and regulations. Its virtually absent nitrate content compares favourably with other International brands and makes it safe for consumption by infants, pregnant women and Lactating mothers

  • Baby Safe
    Every drop is Nitrate free and has perfectly balanced pH, ultra-low TDS(Total Dissolved Solids) and is devoid of harmful chemicals and impurities making it the safest water for Pregnant women, new-mothers and infants.

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